• Pioneers

    We at CMC are proud to be recognized as India’s largest and foremost importer of the most precious stones of the architectural world and affiliates around the globe and engage primarily in the export of Kalingastone products. It leverages its cutting-edge technologies to turn innovative and visionary products into industry-leading marble and quartz product industries.

    CMC is committed to remaining at the vanguard of creating cutting-edge new markets in the interior/surfaces solution industry. All directors and employees of the CMC work as one to reach one desired goal. Furthermore, CMC has pioneered remaining a trusted company in the eyes of the public by actively pursuing business activities as well as fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities

  • Diverse Brands

    As one of the most recognized brand names of all time, CMC has committed to more diversity in its marketing with a global push for more progressive sub-brands and products through several campaigns. Kalingastone, a sub-brand of Classic Marble Company, is a segment of composite marble, quartz & terrazzo that has made waves over the past several years with its inclusive advertising.

  • Inclusion & Diversity

    As the consumer population diversifies—by race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, or differences in ability, or origin, we have diversified employees from different ranges of backgrounds and experiences we expect them to effectively connect with future customers.

  • Life at CMC

    CMC offers a highly motivating work environment where you'll learn whilst working with other professionals. We have an employee-centric culture built on innovation, professionalism & transparency where people are challenged constantly and get a chance to develop. Discover CMC from inside.